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Our story about the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Repair 1.0, Repair 2.0 and now Repair 3.0.
Now simply a look at history since the new Bay Bridge is in place.

Here you'll find a growing catalog of science experiment ideas for elementary and secondary students. Download and try them at home, in your classroom or in your science club. Some of these projects have been tested in our Noon Science program at Nixon Elementary School in Palo Alto, California.

This program is organized by a group of parents of students at Lucille M. Nixon Elementary. Every other week, the parents assemble some sort of experiment that can be done in one or two 25 minute sessions, for a random collection of up to 100 children. Students from all grade levels may attend, but we often find that the experiments are most popular with the 1st through 3rd graders.

This is our newest section, which is actually surprising.  Surprising because we have more electronics things than anything else, but they've not been converted to actual pages yet;  we'll start with one or two pages.  These will be at high-school level (or what used to be high-school) and higher, but there is a big middle-school-level project in the works that we hope to have ready for initial postings soon.